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CALL&TALK, WEAVING MORE BLUETOOTH SOLUTION, uses electronic key with bluetooth interface for opening garages and doorways with mobile phone.

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BLUETOOTH SCALES for the daily monitoring of weight to patients and subsequent transmission remotely via mobile phone without user intervention.

BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY REVOLUTIONIZES the concept of proximity marketing. 80% of sales decisions of a product is made at point of sale.
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Dénia información turística

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Bluetooth audio guide on mobile phone


Audio guía por bluetooth

Audio guides are adapting to a significant evolution of content to use as data supports the mobile phone. New features on mobile devices enable to give a full service of audio guide accompanied by additional contents. Pictures, texts and leaflets are new elements added to the service. The information is transferred quickly via bluetooth to mobile phones at the beginning of the trail. Following the visit can go back to review information and hear the audio as they are saved in the phone.



Below are the diptychs of the audio guide "A walk through the history of Denia (Alicante), planned and conducted by Luis Silvestre, Bluehertz and Jose Maria Castells.

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