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CALL&TALK, WEAVING MORE BLUETOOTH SOLUTION, uses electronic key with bluetooth interface for opening garages and doorways with mobile phone.

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BLUETOOTH SCALES for the daily monitoring of weight to patients and subsequent transmission remotely via mobile phone without user intervention.

BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY REVOLUTIONIZES the concept of proximity marketing. 80% of sales decisions of a product is made at point of sale.
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BlueHertz develops custom travel guides for mobile phones from images, texts and maps provided by the customer. The guides are navigable, user-friendly and contain detailed information about such a city, a tour, a thematic space, a museum, a hotel.

Its initial content is text and pictures, but may include for example, grid map marked with interactive icons of the most significant places, comprehensive information about businesses, services, products, useful phone numbers ...

The tourist guide is prepared to suit customer needs and is usable on almost all mobile phones on the market. Its price depends on the content you have, so after each case study develops a detailed budget.

The guidebooks can be downloaded on mobile phones through the Internet, for example from the website of the municipality, or from a Bluehertz server, for example located in the tourist office.


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Below are the main navigation screens of Aranjuez tourist guide for mobile phones. It contains 20 monuments with images and explanatory text, divided into 3 routes achievable walking. Since each monument is accessible on the map for easy orientation and from the map access to each of the monuments. This feature allows follow tourist route without leaving the map, knowing our position at all times and what is the next visit, at what distance is, what remains to finish ... The guide contains information about restaurants, hotels, cafes, activities, horseback riding, bike rentals, canoeing, utilities and telephone numbers.

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Guía Turística Aranjuez menú mapa

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Guía Turística Aranjuez Santiago Rusiñol texto Guía Turística Aranjuez ruta naranja Guía Turística Aranjuez Santiago Rusiñol
mapa guía turística Guía Turística Aranjuez Casa Infantes Guía Turística Aranjuez Casa Infantes texto

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