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CALL&TALK, WEAVING MORE BLUETOOTH SOLUTION, uses electronic key with bluetooth interface for opening garages and doorways with mobile phone.

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BLUETOOTH SCALES for the daily monitoring of weight to patients and subsequent transmission remotely via mobile phone without user intervention.

BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY REVOLUTIONIZES the concept of proximity marketing. 80% of sales decisions of a product is made at point of sale.
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Proximity marketing

A scale with Bluetooth for control patients

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The research group of information technology at the School of Telecommunications of Vigo, the information technologies service of Juan Canalejo´s Hospital in A Coruña and Galicia Wireless Company have developed a scale with Bluetooth for wireless control through the chronic patients applying the same technology used in proximity marketing.

Guillermo Vazquez, information technologies manager of hospital center, said the telemedicine project is being completed with other applications to collect, besides the weight, details such as the level of exercise. Using sensors that the patient be placed on the ankles, physical exertion will be recorded in their daily lives and, as in the scale, information is transferred to headquarters of Canalejo without the patient having to do any operation.

The system will be implemented on a project for people with heart failure, will have warnings, so as to warn the user via mobile when must weigh, or for example if the intensity of exercise he is doing is not right. Besides avoiding visits to the doctor's office with these applications, also may prevent acute episodes by opening the possibility that the health professional, also automatically, schedule an appointment when see that there is a risk for health patient.

Francisco Javier González, Professor of Telematics Engineering, as Xurxo Cegarra, from Wireless Galicia, stressed the importance of developing technologies with practical application from other applications tested, as in this case is based on bluetooth proximity marketing. Vazquez also said to have interest in items for domestic use and do not have a high cost. Jose Carlos Garcia, scale developer engineer, said that when it is marketed, "the market will be other more expensive conventional scales. It is a proximity marketing news, medical applications.


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